Tips Of The Week

Change your body a little bit at a time. Start with small changes to your diet and a simple exercise program. Rome wasn't built in a day, don't be one of these people who over do it in the first month, the novelty will where out QUICKLY.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency is the "KEY".

When you exercise, you experience a high level of post exercise endorphins.  Endorphins act as natural pain-relievers and produce a feeling of well being. Training outdoors has been associated with higher levels of these ’feel good’ chemicals being produced in the body aswell as the benefits derived from being in the fresh air.

Once a week on your workout, try using functional body movements that you use every day Squat (get in or out of a chair), Deadlift (pick up an object from the ground), Shoulder Press (put an item on the top shelf).

Tomorrow is another day never give up

For breakfast choose cereals with no added sugar, for natural sugars you can add fresh or chopped fruit.

If you find it difficult to resist temptation, take it out of the kitchen, and save yourself hundreds of calories per week!

Dieting Advice: Fit-4ever recommends the 2 Q's - quality and and quantity.

Eat quality fresh food and the quantity that is needed to fuel your daily calorie requirement.

Weight Loss happens when calories burned exceeds calories consumed.


When perfecting the deadlift technique, you mastered the correct way for lifting heavy objects from the ground. Lifting items in this manner ensures the load is evenly distributed between you back and legs, putting less strain on your back.

A strength training program will allow you to look better on the outside, and become healthier on the inside.

Don’t skip breakfast, research shows that eating healthy breakfast can aid people control their weight. A healthy breakfast is an important part of a balanced diet, as it provides many of the vitamins and nutrients we need for good health. Wholemeal cereal and semi skimmed milk, with fruit sliced over the top is a tasty and nutritious breakfast.

Reduce processed meat consumption, limit to two serving per week, as it contains a high amount of saturated fat, you can still eat meat, but make sure you go for quality lean cuts, like lean steak or unprocessed chicken meat.

Lifting heavy weights, will burn more fat than a cv workout. Build muscle and your body will burn fat all day long.

Eating small healthy portions every few hours means your digestive system has no time to rest, and is constantly burning calories, therefore increasing your metabolic rate, leading to weight loss.